How To Protect Your Home
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How To Protect Your Home

Today, no house is exempted from burglars. Here are tips from the expert how to protect your home while you are away.

Home Security How To

Today, no house is exempted from burglars.  Going away for a vacation!  Take note  that an unlighted garage, a lushly covered fence with trees and shrubs, and elderly people living with you are just some of the pointers burglars look for in their preys.

Here are tips from the expert on how to protect your home while you are away.

Key hide.  Don't hide key outside your home.

Never leave your home unlocked.  Not even for a short time never leave your home unlocked,  Always be sure that all doors you cannot see are always locked.

Kids and strangers.  Be sure your children do not talk to strangers.

Door note. Don't leave note on your door.  This announces to any passerby that you are not there to answer the door.


Get to know your neighbor.  If you ever need help they are the first line of defense.

Have your locks inspected.  Ask a professional  locksmith to check on your door locks and window locks.  Ask for more suggestions on how to further secure your homes.

Going home alone.  Walk with a friend or ask an adult to accompany you at night.  Always be ready with emergency police phone numbers.

Trust no one. When your doorbell rings, do not just open the door.  Make it a habit to look through a peep hole or window.  Verify the reasons why they want to enter your home.

Engrave your name on your valuables.  Try to engrave your initials on your valuables like TV, stereo, computer, laptop or typewriter.


Photograph your valuables.  get a photo of your home and your jewelry, silverware, artworks and fine china.  Put a set of these photo in a water resistant box or cabinet.

Always keep the door closed.  For other papers or mails, just ask the person to just slip the paper under the door.

Install alarm system.  If you cannot afford an alarm system.  Get a guard dog instead.

Store valuables safely.  Sore your priced jewelry and other valuables in a safe place.  It is much better to place it in a safe place.  It is much better to place it in a safety deposit box.

Don't display.  Don't display your brand new car outside your home.  Avoid a display of expensive things in your garden or landscaping.  It would only invite trouble since you are flaunting your being filthy rich.

Keep it a secret.  Don't publicize times that you will be at wedding, birthday, funerals, etc., not even grocery checkers.

Put address.  Be sure your street address is large, clear of obstructions and well lighted so that the police and other emergency personnel can find your in case.

Just comply when being robbed.  Just give them everything they ask for if unfortunately,  robbers were able to get into your home.  Your life is worth more than anything else in the world.

Your best resource for reducing the risk of an intrusion in your home is common sense.  Be alert.


     Anonymous, "Secure Your Home," MOD volume XXXII No. 1491

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Great awareness for life and home safety.